New Rescue Center

A place for animals in need



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About Our Shelter

its time to build the rescue center .thank you to all my neighbors who supported the idea. thank you to everyone at the regional district 11 and the board members who reviewed the plan and said yes. Rowens garden center is the only one who opposed it. thank you to all my customers who have supported the Lincoln pet hotel all these years and who continue to choose the pet hotel with out you i would not have been able to make this happen. 

I need volunteers to help build the center and help care for the animals. I have saved up money to get started donations are greatly appreciated so we can finish the center before winter comes and help feed the animals and keep the building open.

There will be adoptable dogs and cats as well as permanent
residences who just have suffered to much and have to many
emotional problems and behavioral problems or to scared and timid and need more time to trust. senior and elderly cats and dogs will stay here as well no animal will be left behind they all deserve to have a life and a safe place to go. if you have time and a place in your heart to come and help please contact me