Hotel Services, Hours, and Prices

Monday – Friday






Check in time 9:00 am
Check out time 12:00 pm

*Sunday times are between 4pm and 6pm
Holiday hours may affect regular business hours.


the building is heated 
the building has air conditioning
 there is music that plays 24/7 to help calm them
the building has surveillance cameras 
i live on the property
there is a beautiful big fenced in field for extra playtime if needed surrounded by forest
there is a  generator for when the power goes out.


the dogs have beds, toys and dishes.
they have their own room with their own covered outdoor run


cats have their own room
their room has beds, toys, scratching posts, litter box.
their room has a window 
they can play outside their room alone or with other cats
the cats are housed in a separate area from the dogs
dogs and cats are welcomed to stay here as long as needed. there is discounts available for military, senior, disability. as well as long term stays
pet shipping is also available within Canada
1 kennel cough vaccines only minimally protects your pet there are different strains of the virus they can still catch it the dogs will just have an easier time recovering.
2.vaccines can expose your pet to the virus your pet can contract it and be contagious unknowingly for 2 weeks after the vaccine.
3.we will no longer accept pets for 2 weeks after their shot.
its still not mandatory to have it to come here for the fact it doesnt cover your
pet 100% your pet may not show sighs of it for up to 7 days after.
4. if your pet has been to other facilities we wont accept them for 4 weeks after in case they have been exposed to a virus.
on aug 8th i will have a filtration system arriving that gets rid of mold yeast fungi viruses and bacteria and prevents the spread of kennel cough it prevents 24 different things from entering the building there has been an outbreak of kennel cough in the area and at some kennels and i want to do everything i can to do more to protect your pets from being exposed.

Notes for Cats:
  • Cats must be on a flea treatment program and dewormed and Must me spayed or neutered.
  • Things to bring: food, dishes, liter, liter box, toys and beds.
  • Scratching posts are provided


Notes for Dogs

  • Dogs over 1 year must me spayed or neutered, Dewormed and on a flea treatment program
  • Things to bring: food.
  • Rooms have beds toys dishes
  • If you would like to bring your pets belongings please have their name on the items

Vaccinés animals must have their first puppy / kitten shots. kennel cough is not required that is what causes outbreaks (stop the vaccine stop the virus) they shed the virus to others up to 7 weeks after and does not protect your pet. it’s more harmful than good. Please wait 7 weeks before boarding your pet kennel cough is not a vaccinatable disease.

* Notices

We do pet shipping as well, shipping service picking up and dropping pets off at the airport

We also offer discounts for long term stays over 30 days.

Military discounts of 10% available

* Additional fees may be applied if you are not on time.
* If you need to have your pet dropped off or picked up there is a 30.00 fee.

Lincoln Pet Hotel